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International Men's Club of Zug

Past Events

Here are prior events that interested club members.

    • 2021-03-20
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 2021-10-01
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • various

    Zugerberg Finanz has taken over from the former Raiffeisen Group as presenting sponsor of the former Zuger Trophy, now called the Zugerberg Finanz Trophy.  Please see the Zugerberg Finanz Trophy website for details.

    • 2021-05-29
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • 2021-12-11
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 4 sessions
    • St.-Oswalds-Gasse 21, Zug

    The city of Zug sponsors a series of tours guided by artist and art mediator Karen Geyer  The 90-minute walks present a selection of art works in the public space of the city of famous and local artists. The route is always different depending on the theme. Discover the world of art in public spaces – in places that you may never have really noticed before. The tours start from in front of the Zug public library and take place in all weather conditions.

    The guided tours are in English and free of charge, but registration is required. Please see the Zug4You website for details.

    • 2021-08-29
    • 11:00 - 18:00 (UTC+02:00)
    • Siehbachsaal, Chamerstrasse 33, Zug
    Come to our Big Greek IMCZ Summer Party by the Zug lakeside and bring your friends and family. This year Triple Bypass will be making sure the beat goes on! 

    The IMCZ is proud to present our Summer Party by the lakeside in Zug! Friends, family and Members of the ZIWC are all invited. We will enjoy a Greek themed event with food, wine, beer and complimentary soft drinks at our usual venue,  the Siehbachsaal at the lakeside of Zug. Authentic Greek singing and Sirtaki dancing with instruction for guest participation. To top it all, we will enjoy the legendary 6-piece band "Triple Bypass" who will be rockin' the day away. Quiz and raffle with prizes if we can fit it all in!


    • 60 SFr for IMCZ & ZIWC members and their partners
    • 70 SFr for other guests. 30 SFr for children 8-12 years old
    • Children under 8 are admitted free of charge

    Admission includes entertainment, food and non-alcoholic beverages.
    In addition, the following drinks are available:

    • Beer: 3 SFr
    • Wine by the glass: 5 SFr
    • Wine by the bottle 20 SFr  
    • Cocktails: 10 SFr or Ouzo at near cost price.

    Please indicate if you would like to help set up tables and tents beforehand and put them away afterwards. 6 designated helpers will enjoy a discounted entry price of 30 SFr. In addition we need 3 kitchen helpers for clearing up and washing up duties who will enjoy free entry. Subject to the President's approval.

2021-06-17 Joint Stammtisch with the ZIWC at Zunfthaus Kreuz in Oberwil
2021-06-10 FINITENESS – Celebrating life
2021-06-10 Weekly Stammtisch at Restaurant Gotthardhof in Zug
2021-06-07 ZIWC Spotlight Event: Kemistry of Style
2021-06-03 Rembrandt Van Reij Art Evening Event
2021-06-03 Stammtisch at the Grand Cafe Zug
2021-06-02 Keynote Jazz
2021-06-01 English Stand-Up Comedy
2021-06-01 Season-End Promenade Concert: Coming Home
2021-06-01 German Conversation Club Online
2021-05-31 IFZ FinTech Forum - Decentralized Finance
2021-05-30 A Scenic Concert Collage Inspired by J. S. Bach
2021-05-29 A Sightseeing Tour in Zug
2021-05-29 Creative Bookworm Club
2021-05-27 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-05-27 2021 Prize Awards for Zuger Start-up Companies
2021-05-23 Baroque Sicily and Greek Theatre
2021-05-20 Special Stammtisch - The Journey of Droople: Water always finds its way
2021-05-16 International Museums' Day
2021-05-13 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-05-06 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-05-05 Keynote Jazz
2021-05-05 ZIWC Spotlight Event: Planning a destination event in Italy
2021-05-05 Open House at the Museum Burg Zug
2021-04-27 English Stand-Up Comedy
2021-04-22 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-04-15 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-04-13 ZIWC BNG Meeting: "Starting your own business in Switzerland"
2021-04-08 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-04-01 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-03-25 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-03-25 Start-Up Insights
2021-03-18 Virtual Special Stammtisch - German conversation class with Harry Fuchs
2021-03-11 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-03-04 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-03-04 ZIWC Webinar: “Sitting is the new smoking”
2021-02-25 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-02-11 Virtual Special Stammtisch - Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
2021-02-04 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-01-28 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-01-21 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-01-14 Virtual Stammtisch
2021-01-07 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-12-17 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-12-10 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-12-03 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-11-26 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-11-26 3D Tour "Yesterday's snow - in the pre-Alps"
2020-11-19 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-11-19 IFZ FinTech Colloquium 2020
2020-11-17 Young Entrepreneurs' Prize
2020-11-12 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-11-05 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-10-31 CANCELED: ZIWC Día de los Muertos Celebration
2020-10-29 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-10-26 5th SIIA Impact Summit 2020
2020-10-22 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-10-22 Lead Your Team Through Change
2020-10-21 Crypto Valley Festival 2020
2020-10-20 Crypto Valley Festival 2020
2020-10-15 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-10-07 Open House at the Museum Burg Zug
2020-10-01 Stammtisch at the Restaurant Bären
2020-09-29 ZIWC BNG Meeting: fully booked
2020-09-22 CSCMP Roundtable Switzerland
2020-09-17 Special Stammtisch - "Climate Collage" at the City Garden Hotel
2020-09-17 Genuss Film Festival
2020-09-06 Outdoor Concert with the Duo Amstad Ingling
2020-09-05 Viel Jazz: Performances by Pocket Rockets
2020-09-05 Open House at the Zug Depot for Technical History
2020-09-05 Oskar Reinhart 'Am Römerholz' Art Saturday
2020-09-03 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-08-31 ZIWC BNG Meeting: "In it for the long run" by Patricia Jehle
2020-08-29 IMCZ Special Presentation on the “History of the Industrialization of Zug” with Apéro and Vineyard Tour
2020-08-29 Art in Public Spaces
2020-08-27 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-08-23 Summer Party - Afro/Caribbean Theme
2020-08-20 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-08-17 Helveticisms
2020-08-13 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-08-06 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-08-01 National Holiday in Zug
2020-08-01 Open House in Zug's Museums
2020-07-30 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-07-27 Open Air Cinema
2020-07-23 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-07-16 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-07-09 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-07-02 Stammtisch at the Freiruum
2020-06-28 Interactive Guided Tour of the Museum Burg Zug
2020-06-25 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-06-18 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-06-11 Post-Lockdown Stammtisch - Meeting at the Freiruum
2020-05-12 7000 Years of the Art of Healing
2020-05-02 Zuger Trophy
2020-04-09 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-04-02 Virtual Stammtisch
2020-03-28 CANCELED: Ski Days with Alpine Sports Andermatt
2020-03-27 CANCELED: HÜNA Trade Fair
2020-03-26 CANCELED: Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-03-20 CANCELED: 3rd Zugersee Beer Ship
2020-03-19 CANCELED: Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-03-17 CANCELED: St. Patricks Day Celebration
2020-03-12 Swiss Tax Treaties - Basics for you
2020-03-08 Bring your Family & Friends to an English Breakfast!
2020-03-05 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-03-03 Insider Thoughts About Health and Wealth
2020-02-29 ZIWC Spring Dinner Dance
2020-02-20 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-02-16 Fantastic Surreal - The Collection
2020-02-13 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-02-06 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-02-04 Stress? Burn-Out? How to Gain Your Power Back!
2020-01-30 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-01-25 The Annual Burns Supper
2020-01-23 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2020-01-16 Ski Talk Q&A - at the Parkhotel
2020-01-11 Vivaldi's Magnificat, RV 610
2020-01-09 Fluence - Where linguistics meets artificial intelligence
2020-01-08 Open House
2020-01-02 Informal Stammtisch - Meeting at the Freiruum
2019-12-26 No Stammtisch
2019-12-25 Vivaldi's Magnificat, RV 610
2019-12-19 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-12-18 The Nutcracker
2019-12-15 Vocal Emotions
2019-12-15 Bach's Oboe Magic
2019-12-13 Reopening of the FabLab in Zug
2019-12-12 Xmas Party
2019-12-11 PHIL DANKNER – My swingin' Christmas mit Special Guest NYSSINA
2019-12-07 A Hymn to the Virgin
2019-12-06 Big Band Zug
2019-12-05 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-12-01 Brahms Violin Concerto & Beethoven's 5th Symphony
2019-12-01 Christmas, Santa Claus Market with children attractions
2019-11-28 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-11-26 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-11-24 Chor Zug: "Don't Stop us Now"
2019-11-24 Chor Zug: "Don't Stop us Now"
2019-11-23 Chor Zug: "Don't Stop us Now"
2019-11-21 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-11-15 DuoCalva
2019-11-14 Autumn New Members Reception
2019-11-09 Young Soloists in Concert
2019-11-07 Stammtisch at the Freiruum
2019-11-06 Hiromi
2019-11-05 Iron wish, iron will, Ironwoman - Stadt Bibliothek Zug
2019-11-03 Lieder der Heimat
2019-10-31 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-10-29 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-10-24 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-10-19 Zuger Herbstmesse
2019-10-18 Star Wars – in Concert
2019-10-17 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-10-16 Bodies: The Dead are not Silent
2019-10-12 Brewfest Zug 2019
2019-10-10 Conference on Energy and Epigenetics
2019-10-03 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-10-03 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – in Concert
2019-09-28 Brad Mehldau Trio
2019-09-27 Vocal Emotions Concerts: "Goin' to the Movies"
2019-09-26 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-09-24 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-09-22 Zug Show Choir
2019-09-21 Hiking and Craft Beer Tasting
2019-09-19 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-09-18 Accordeon Festival Zug
2019-09-17 Returnship Conference for Employers
2019-09-14 Middle Ages Festival Zug
2019-09-12 Special Stammtisch - Alpine Vault, Gold Investments
2019-09-08 Oldtimer Sunday Morning Treffen
2019-09-07 Organic Food Market "O Sole Bio"
2019-09-06 Rock the Docks
2019-09-05 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-09-03 Business Networking Group - Start-up success story
2019-09-02 Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Forum for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
2019-09-01 Summer BBQ - 40th Anniversary Celebration!
2019-08-29 Jazz Night Zug
2019-08-29 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-08-28 Concert of the Big Band of the Lucerne Jazz School
2019-08-23 Federal Wrestling & Mountain Festival (ESAF)
2019-08-22 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-08-20 Einzug der künstlichen Intelligenz in die Rechtsbranche
2019-08-18 Brunch am See
2019-08-17 Beer & Wine Tasting
2019-08-17 Hamfest 2019
2019-08-16 Operetta at the Gewürzmühle
2019-08-15 Stammtisch at Freiruum
2019-08-13 Inline-Skating for Fun & Fitness
2019-08-09 Grand Opening of the Freiruum
2019-08-08 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-08-07 Keynote Jazz
2019-08-07 Kapelle Alp Nüsell
2019-08-07 Open House
2019-08-03 Oldtimer Sunday Morning Treffen
2019-08-02 World Food Festival
2019-08-01 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-08-01 Barrique Cup
2019-08-01 1st of August Celebration
2019-07-31 20th Annual Waldstock Open-Air Festival
2019-07-29 Zug Arena Construction Site Tours
2019-07-27 Zug Sports Festival
2019-07-20 Summer Night Festival
2019-07-20 Unicon Summer Convention
2019-07-19 Caribbean Nights Open-Air
2019-07-18 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-07-11 Round Table Talk - Swiss German seminar - continuation and development
2019-07-11 Stammtisch at City Garden Hotel
2019-07-04 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-06-27 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-06-23 Carmina Burana
2019-06-22 Carmina Burana
2019-06-22 Zuger Seefest
2019-06-19 Switzerland During the Cold War
2019-06-18 Presentation of the 2019-2020 Season
2019-06-15 10th Anniversary Hiking Day, 15 June, 2019
2019-06-13 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-06-12 ZIWC BNG Meeting: How technology is transforming small businesses
2019-06-07 Zuger Springkonkurrenz
2019-06-06 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-06-06 Information Security in Healthcare Conference
2019-06-05 Keynote Jazz
2019-06-05 Zugerberg Classic Footrace & Big Band Concert
2019-06-05 Open House
2019-06-02 Antique & Classic Car Shows
2019-06-01 High School Musical - On Stage
2019-05-12 Zuger Sinfonietta Concert
2019-05-09 New Members' Reception
2019-05-02 Genuss Film Festival
2019-04-11 Round Table Talk - All about Golf
2019-04-08 SommerKlänge 2019
2019-04-04 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-04-03 Keynote Jazz
2019-03-28 Stammtisch
2019-03-28 Technology Forum Zug
2019-03-26 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-03-24 Zuger Sinfonietta Concert
2019-03-24 Expat Expo
2019-03-23 Open Day at the Institut Montana Zugerberg
2019-03-21 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-03-18 Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Forum for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
2019-03-14 If you can dream it, you can make it!
2018-08-02 Stammtisch
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