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International Men's Club of Zug

Newsletters 2022

  • October – December 2022: In this Newsletter there are articles from Remo on food labelling, from myself on the first results from the James Webb telescope, Joe’s traditional “prepare for winter” article (including information on the forthcoming Winter Sports Show) and from Christian’s Business / Finance commentary. There’s also the usual humour section. My thanks to all (other) contributors for their excellent work.
  • July - September 2022:  In this Newsletter there's an article by Remo on inappropriate lobbying against the conclusions of technical papers, an update on the James Webb telescope which is now starting to deliver results, a continuation of the Madera article from Roger, the 21/22 winter sports wrap-up from Joe, Christian's investment commentary and the usual humour and events section.  Enjoy.

  • April – June 2022 : In this Newsletter there's an article by Remo on the strange case of Titanium dioxide in food and drugs, an article cyber security practice by myself, a short story by Wayne and an article on Madeira by Roger. Joe is eloquent about Piz Gloria and Christian shares his thoughts on investment. All this in addition to the usual Humour section. But this month there is a Special Contribution by Lindsay on page 6. He’s off walking the West Highland Way in support of a Prostate cancer charity. Please look at his article and follow the links. For the older members of the IMCZ this must be a topic close to our….. heart

  • January - March 2022:  In this Newsletter there's an article by Remo on the use of coffee pulp to help forest restoration, an article on battery technology by myself, a snapshot of the latest Covid measures by Roger as well as the final installment of his Douro trip, Joe's  start of ski season article and Christian's investment commentary. All this in addition to the usual review of past events and the Humour section.

    As always , my thanks to the contributors for their excellent work

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