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International Men's Club of Zug

Privacy Policy


The International Men’s Club of Zug (IMCZ) serves the English-speaking community in Canton Zug and environs. It provides a platform for newcomers, residents and those who work here to meet regularly and take part in various activities. Above all, we want to make it easy for newcomers to network and find their way around and integrate readily in the new environment.  You can find more information on the club and its aims on our homepage.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

As part of the mission of the club is to enable networking, we collect contact information for all members and make this available to all members through our website. The information collected includes name, address, email and telephone numbers, which we need to qualify your membership and stay in touch with you.  We also encourage you to provide additional information which will help members get to know each other and connect with those sharing your interests.  For a full list of the personal information collected please review your profile ("Membership Details") on the website. This information is available only to the members of the IMCZ, and you can control which data is visible in your profile.

In addition to the above, we collect your registration and payment information for events for which registration is required.  If you give your permission when registering, we will also show in the event details that you plan to attend. Most events on the website are publicly accessible.

None of the above information is shared with anyone or any organisation outside the club and is only available to members after logging in to the website. There are three exceptions to this rule:
  • Board members of the IMCZ agree to have a telephone number and their club email address publicly available.
  • Contact information on contributors of articles may be included in the Newsletter. This will be limited to name and email address. Publication of the email address is at the discretion of the contributor.
  • Information required to run an event (e.g. list of participants) may be shared with any venue / supplier to that event.

Event Participation

All participants in Club events acknowledge that photographs and videos are taken of events for non-commercial purposes. By participating in such an event, each participant automatically grants the irrevocable and unrestricted right to the Club to use and publish photographs or videos in which she or he may be included, for non-commercial purposes and in any manner and medium, and to alter the same without restriction, and thus releases the photographer, the Club and their respective legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs.

Many events are open to non-members or to organisations with which we have a relationship (e.g. the Zug International Women’s Club). Whenever another participant is registered by a member of the IMCZ it is that member’s responsibility to ensure that all such participants agree that the personal information provided can be used by the club for the purposes of that event, and that they agree to the use of photographs and video material as stipulated above.

Maintaining Personal Information

It is the responsibility of each club member to maintain their personal information. This information is available in your profile ("Membership Details") on the website. Each member is able to edit his own information.

Contact us

For any questions related to your personal information or this privacy policy, please contact the club's Membership Secretary.

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