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International Men's Club of Zug

Club Events

These are events in which the club participates directly or is invited to by our sister club, the Zug International Women's Club (ZIWC)

    • 2024-03-28
    • 2024-09-12
    • 6 sessions
    • Steinhausen, Baar, Ennetsee, Menzingen, Zug, Aegeri

     Zugerberg Finanz is sponsoring the 20th edition of the annual Zugerberg Finanz Trophy this year.  Pre-training begins this weekend.  Please see the Zugerberg Finanz Trophy website for details.

    Fitness and Stammtisch in Exotic Locations

    We usually sit around drinking beer and chatting at Stammtisch. We should exercise more. We generally look for variety in our Stammtisch and not always holding it at the same location. We should not only hold Stammtisch in Zug city but also in other parts of the canton too. We have a golden opportunity to combine fitness with boozing and socialising at our Stammtisch and will all be better for that combination. Zugerberg Finanz Trophy offers a splendid programme of walking legs, both in the lowlands and the highlands , both long, medium and short versions all in our vicinity.

    Johan Ubby discovered the Zugerberg Finanz Trophy and signed himself up for it and created an IMCZ team. I followed suit and signed myself under the team International Men's Club of Zug IMCZ (hope that is the same team name that Johan used). I encourage other IMCZ members to join our team at .  There is a sequence of lowland long, medium and short trips in specific Gemeinde. I propose we focus on these on selected Thursday evenings (see list below), starting at say 5pm doing the short or medium excursion and then holding our Stammtisch in a suitable bar in the vicinity of that leg. E.g. leg in Steinhausen, then Stammtisch in Steinhausen. Below is the Zugerberg Finanz Trophy2024 programme.

    Below that is my suggestion for a combined Walk and Stammtisch programme. 

    I hope you will endorse this programme, even if you don’t actually join the walk and only attend the Stammtisch.  All these locations are accessible by public transport and are worth a visit.

    Please register on our website events if you subscribe to this plan and of course register yourself with team International Men's Club of Zug IMCZ at . 

    Get fit, social fun and know your canto with IMCZ!




    Strecke kurz

    Strecke mittel

    Strecke lang



    Sa, 22.03.2025

    So, 20.04.2025

    2.8 km
    50 m HD

    8.4 km
    130 m HD

    12.3 km
    150 m HD

    4.5 km
    70 m HD


    Mo, 21.04.2025

    So, 18.05.2025

    2.5 km
    20 m HD | neu ab 2024

    5.4 km
    60 m HD | neu ab 2024

    9.4 km
    240 m HD | neu ab 2024

    3.8 km
    110 m HD 


    Mo, 19.05.2025

    So, 15.06.2025

    2.2 km
    20 m HD

    5.1 km
    80 m HD

    14.0 km
    190 m HD

    4.5 km
    60 m HD


    Mo, 16.06.2025

    So, 13.07.2025

    3.6 km
    60 m HD

    8.1 km
    170 m HD

    14.0 km
    260 m HD

    4.0 km
    100 m HD









    Sa, 09.08.2025

    So, 07.09.2025

    2.1 km
    10 m HD

    6.7 km
    30 m HD | neu ab 2024

    17.0 km
    220 m HD | neu ab 2024

    3.1 km
    10 m HD


    Mo, 08.09.2025

    Fr, 03.10.2025

    2.4 km, 60 m HD

    3.9 km, 110 m HD

    17.2 km, 80 m HD

    3.5 km, 90 m HD




    15.6 km
    220m HD

    37.6 km
    580 m HD

    83.9 km
    1140 m HD

    23.4 km
    440 m HD

    Below that is my suggestion for a combined Walk and Stammtisch programme. 

    Beginning of period

    End of period

    Short leg

    (Medium and Long legs available)

    Chosen Thursday 5pm in the allotted time frame

    Chosen venue for the Stammtisch afterwards

    Sa, 22.03.2025

    So, 20.04.2025

    2.8 km
    50 m HD

    Thursday 28-03-24


    Bill L to select oasis in this town

    Mo, 21.04.2025

    So, 18.05.2025

    2.5 km
    20 m HD | neu ab 2024

    Thursday 09-05-24


    Peter A to select oasis in this town

    Mo, 19.05.2025

    So, 15.06.2025

    2.2 km
    20 m HD

    Thursday 06-06-24


    Richard B to select oasis in this town

    Mo, 16.06.2025

    So, 13.07.2025

    3.6 km
    60 m HD

    Thursday 27-06-24


    Richard B to select oasis in this town






    Sa, 09.08.2025

    So, 07.09.2025

    2.1 km
    10 m HD

    Thursday 15-08-24


    Johan U to select oasis in this town

    Mo, 08.09.2025

    Fr, 03.10.2025

    2.4 km, 60 m HD

    Thursday 12-09-24


    Alan C to select oasis in this town



    Short 15.6 km
    220m HD

    Medium 37.6 km
    580 m HD

    Long 83.9 km
    1140 m HD

    Richard Beswick


    International Men's Club of Zug

    • 2024-04-18
    • 18:00 - 20:30
    • Flanagan’s Irish Pub

    Thursday 18 April 18:00 we’ll be at Flanagan’s 

    n.b. this week our reservation is for tables on the lower floor 

    Name of Venue: Flanagan's Irish Pub Zug

    Address of Venue: Bundespl. 16, 6300 Zug


    Telephone: 041 710 26 18

    Suggested navigation Google Maps:

    Please register on our events page if possible. Of course Members and Non Members can turn up without prior reservation. But it is nice to have pre-registration if you can.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Richard Beswick,


    The International Men's Club of Zug

    Direct Tel: +41 79 340 44 32

    • 2024-04-25
    • 18:00 - 20:30
    • Fischerstube Dungeon, Unter Altstadt 12, 6300 Zug (formally scheduled for Flanagan's)

    Corporate program

    Special Stammtisch     

    Keynote speaker (30 min) 

    Mr. Harry Fuchs, Softlanding Language School

    'Sprachtraining muss Spass machen, nur dann kommt der Erfolg.  Und Sprachtraining muss rasch Erfolg bringen, nur dann bleibt der Spass.'

    'Enjoyable language learning breeds success; rapid progress ensures that learning remains fun.'

    Speaker Profile:

    Founder of Softlanding Language School and Author of "The Languager" Study Materials

    Harry is a leader in the field of language education and cultural integration. With a pragmatic approach, he established Softlanding Language School in Baar to assist expats in navigating life in their new home. Through practical courses in German and Swiss German, Harry has equipped countless individuals and families with the language skills they need to integrate in Switzerland. The company has grown over the years; besides German for C-permits and citizenship, the school now offers tuition in many languages and subjects for adults and children.

    Over the years, his methods have been shared within the school, thanks to the plethora of books he has written, as "The Languager", which serve as course material for the school. The Softlanding philosophy, as advocated by Harry, is that language learning should be fun and quick! Only then will students be successful.

    Venue: Flanagan's Irish Pub Zug, Bundesplatz 16, 6300 Zug

    All Members and their friends are invited to join this session which will take place in the first portion of the standard Stammtisch

    Posted by Richard Beswick, President, IMCZ

    Direct Tel: +41 79 340 44 32

    • 2024-05-02
    • 17:00 - 19:00
    • Stöckli Swiss Sports AG, Eistrasse 5a, 6102 Malters
    • 18

    Date: Thursday, 02. may 2024

    Start times: 17:00 Uhr – 19:00 Uhr

    location: Stöckli Skimanufaktur, Eistrasse 14, 6102 Malters

    number of people: Minimum number 8 - if we don't reach this the tour is off.

    Price CHF 20.- per person

    Price is refunded in the form of a CHF 20.- discount voucher,

    redeemable in all Stöckli branches.

    method of arrival: by car or public transport. Parking spaces for visitors. Railway Station to Factory 21 minutes on foot.

    Train Zug to Malters approximately 45 minutes. Driving from Zug to Malters 40 minutes.

    identification of visitors: We must submit a list of visitor's names before the visit.


    Eistrasse 5a, 6102 Malters, T 041 492 62 87,,

    • 2024-05-11
    • 18:00
    • Manuels, Zurich

    Probably the best Cigar Lounge in Zurich - Switzerland

    He is big on cigars as well as on rum, but he would suggest concentrating on one topic. 

    For cigars, he could hold a short cigar blending seminar, elaborating with us which parameters determine the taste of a cigar. For this purpose we could smoke two cigars in a blind tasting: an exciting experiment that will help us to sharpen our senses. If we take one Cuban and one non-Cuban cigar, the price would be around 35 CHF. In case we would like to compare a normal cigar to a vintage one, that would be more expensive. 

    If we choose rum, we could do a rum tasting flight. This involves tasting 5 different rums, accompanied by explanations as to their origins. It would cost 45 CHF, or 75 CHF with more fancy rums.

    Of course, we could also just go there and order what we like, without any presentation, but that would not be so much fun.

    Organiser: Maurice Corden.

    Date: Saturday, May 11. backup dates May 18, 25 

    Time: 18:00

    Registration on our website. This will help us to gauge interest and plan the event requested by the most members. In due course we will post the options and prices for your consideration. For the moment consider no cost.

    • 2024-06-09
    • 11:00 - 17:00
    • Lorzensaal, Cham

    Expat Expo, Sunday, June 9, 11-17:00: IMCZ Exhibitor: Lorzensaal in Cham. This is the largest fair dedicated to the Switzerland’s burgeoning expat population. The Expat Expo is under new management: James and Emily Austin. Dozens of stands present wares, services, banks, education associations from all over Switzerland, specifically directed to the expat community. IMCZ has been a regular participant taking a stand and promoting the event through our network. Our primary objective in participating is to raise awareness of our Club and to recruit new members. Peter Aschmann will be leading the project for IMCZ. He will require a team for stand duty. Please register on our website, and indicate the time slot(s) for which you would be available. Admission is free of charge. 

    Organisers address: James and Emily Austin, Expat-Expo GmbH

    +41 44 552 04 40

    • 2024-06-20
    • 18:00 - 20:30
    • 18:00 Start Flanagan's , move at 19:00 to KBZ Aula | Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug, Aabachstr. 7, 6300 Zug, Return to Flanagans at 20:30

    DIEDRICHSEN BAUMGARTNER DBLaw Advokatur | Notariat

    Topic: Swiss Inheritance Law

    This is a special Stammtisch, with a lecture provided courtesy of FMZ and DB Law. 

    You are encouraged to register with both IMCZ Event and FMZ at the links below

    Swiss inheritance law (

    Plan: 18:00 Start Flanagan's , move at 19:00 to KBZ Aula | Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug, Aabachstr. 7, 6300 Zug, Return to Flanagan's at 20:30. 

    Those not wishing to attend the lecture can remain at Flanagan's for the Stammtisch

    Seating is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis on the evening. Once capacity is reached, there will be standing room only

    Registration on IMCZ Events Page will close on April 30th.

    Synopsis: Around 70% of the Swiss population have neither a last will and testament or an  inheritance contract. The law settles your estate if you don’t.

    Swiss inheritance law protects the inheritance of direct descendants, spouses and registered partners. Learn about the changes to the law in 2023 and clarify any questions to with the experts to ensure your last will and testament is carried out according to your actual wishes.

    Hope the lecture of a morbid but essential topic will be of interest to members.

    Best regards


    Richard Beswick

    President IMCZ

    International Men’s Club of Zug (IMCZ)

    • 2024-08-29
    • 16:00 - 18:30
    • Gimenen, Oberwil by Zug
    • 30

    Ulrich Straub is a local historian, industrial entrepreneur and vintner who happens to be the grandson of Karl Heinrich Gyr, one of the founders of Landis  & Gyr, the well-known Zug-based electricity metering company. Ulrich, who is also the President of the Industriepfad Lorze, has kindly offered to give an exclusive presentation to the IMCZ on the History of the Industrialization of Zug. Furthermore, Ulrich has invited us to his own home in Gimenen, Zug, where he has lovingly restored an old farmhouse over many years and cultivated vineyards with over 1700 vines, making it the largest vineyard in Zug. Ulrich is well positioned to talk to us, not only about the history of Landis & Gyr (now Landis + Gyr), but also about the other historical Zug-based companies such as Verzinkerei Zug, the Milchsüdi (Nestlé), Zwicky and others. Ulrich is also providing an apéro and a tour of his vineyard. This all adds up to a totally unique event, providing an opportunity to learn about the history of Zug and the remarkable innovations which have happened here. Gimenen is located on the hills above Oberwil, offers stunning views over Lake Zug and is easily reachable by public transport (No.14 Bus).


      18:00 Welcome attendees at the Gimenen Winery, Gimenenweg 18, 6317 Zug (see attached the directions by car)

      If the weather permits, tour of the winery followed by drinks (wine and water)

      19:00 Seated Lecture on History of industry in Zug» by Ulrich Straub, followed by the presentation of our App «Industriekultur Zug»

      19:45 o’clock    Degustation of house wines paired with apéro platters   

      How to find it:

      • Gimenenweg Nr 18, 6317 Oberwil by Zug
      • No. 614 bus from Zug Metalli/Bahnhof to Meisenweg (Direction Gimenen)
      • 8 Stops, 7 Minutes, followed by 110m walk down the drive to the farmhouse. Depart Metalli 15:45, Arrive Meisenberg 15:52
      • 2024-09-14
      • 12:00 - 22:00
      • Siehbachsaal, Chamerstrasse 33, Zug
      • 90

      Details to be forthcoming following completion of planning.

      Event is not yet open for registration.