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Board Members

President: Bill Lichtensteiger

Bill is a British/Swiss dual national who was born in London and first came to Switzerland at the age of 7. Since then Bill has moved back and forwards between Switzerland and UK many times but has now been in Steinhausen, Zug for the past 12 years. Bill is married with 4 grown up kids who all live on the South coast in the UK. Bill’s background is in Electronics and Software Engineering but his career has also included many commercial and marketing roles. Bill holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering and a Diploma in Marketing. Bill now works in Zug for Landis+Gyr, the market leading Smart Grid and Smart Metering solutions provider and has a global role as Director of Communication Technology. Bill enjoys many sports activities including all forms of winter sport, water sport, golf and racket sports.

Secretary: Roy Haverman

Roy was born in the Netherlands and relocated to Switzerland in 1969 when he was just one and a half years old. He grew up in the canton of Zug and studied at the ETH in Zürich. Roy has worked for Landis & Gyr, Roche Diagnostics, Dow Jones Telerate (that became Bridge), Conexus (an IT consulting company), Alstom in Baden and CSC. He specialises in Linux servers and workstations, high performance computing and parallel storage (the stuff that supercomputers are made of). These systems are used to calculate the flow of hot gasses and the properties of metals in gas turbines or any other field that models reality with vast calculations. In his spare time Roy likes to cycle on quiet roads with his mountain bike. He is passionate about excellent loudspeakers, amplifiers and good home audio equipment in general including the cables in between. He built his own little home cinema. He likes to visit friends and have lively discussions on an intellectual level. His favourite holiday destinations are the United States of America, the South of France, Holland and Hamburg.

Treasurer: Ilham Yüksel

Ilham hails from Istanbul Turkey. He came to Switzerland in 2011 and joined our club soon after his arrival. He worked as a credit controller in a bank in Istanbul and is working now as a senior accountant with Johnson & Johnson. Ilham, 36, is married and has very recently become a father. He likes skiing, acting, trekking, swimming and reading books on history and politics. He is an active member of Lucerne World Theater Company and already took part in the famous Bollywood Brides play. He likes to meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Membership Secretary: Anthony Haroutunian

Anthony was born in Geneva and spent his childhood there. At the time he was fascinated by anything that flies like birds, kites or aeroplanes; he also found the mechanics of cable cars intriguing. He studied mechanical engineering then left Switzerland to the study fluid mechanics of hydro- turbines in Quebec, Canada. He returned to Switzerland in 2007 and, together with a friend, founded a company specialising in energy efficiency and optimization of buildings. Nine years later, in June 2018 he moved to Zug to discover “Real Switzerland” as Geneva is generally not considered a part of Switzerland. At present he is establishing a subsidiary of a company in Canton Vaud specialising in ecological water treatment plants. He describes himself as ‘Lover of life’: he enjoys questioning the world, his beliefs, philosophy and spirituality, and loves to learn new things and listen to the viewpoints of others. He likes hiking, windsurfing, glider flying, building and piloting model airplanes, cooking and good wines.

Events Coordinator: Enrico Dell’Angelo

Enrico was born and bred in Italy. He studied informatics: programming and analysis in Milan and Lausanne. Later he studied statistics and bookkeeping at Freibourg University. Furthermore, he had several courses in project management, decision making and team leadership. With his fluent mastery of English, German and French in addition to his native Italian, he has a colourful and varied work experience. For many years he worked with GM (General Motors) at their various locations in Europe and sections and was, among others responsible for implementation of a new strategy for ordering and invoicing of spares. His latest assignment before retiring was as project manager with GM Europe for direct shipment program, and GAP Analysis. Currently Enrico is President of the UNITRE in Zug, which is a non-profit cultural organisation in Italian language that provides interesting courses, conferences and other cultural events like tours of the city. Enrico loves nature, philosophy and literature. In sports he likes walking, hiking and fencing.

Newsletter Editor: Alan Cattell

Alan hails from Glasgow, Scotland, but has been living in Zug for the last 25 years. He studied Physics with focus on solid state, covering superconductivity, quantum heat transport etc, but moved later into industrial research and development and worked on display technologies, bio-medical sensors and other multi-disciplinary topics. He moved to Switzerland to work for what was then Landis & Gyr and experienced the ownership transitions to Electrowatt, and then Siemens. He survived all the upheavals but with less hair. He has travelled extensively on business in Europe, Asia- Pacific and North America and enjoyed being in different places, meeting and working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. However, now that he is retired, he is happy not to be suffering from jet-lag on a near weekly basis. Alan is married with two children and four grandchildren. His passion is sailing, which luckily is also his wife’s. Since retirement, he and his wife try to spend as much as possible afloat. They do mostly coastal-hopping with overnight anchorage or mooring. They also do longer passages of (so far) up to 5 days. When not sailing he enjoys taking the grand-kids to Karate and Ice hockey practice…

PR Coordinator: Wolfgang Czepiczka

Wolfgang hails from Germany and moved to Canton Zug last December. He spent the two decades in various managerial positions in the Luxury Retail business, both in Europe and the US. His final station was in Basel, Switzerland. In March he started a centre for aesthetic surgery and medicine in Cham together with his Greek wife, who was a senior surgeon at the University Hospital in Basel, complete with an operating theatre and two ward beds. The Club wishes the young couple success and good luck in their challenging new venture. Wolfgang enjoys meeting new people and exchanging ideas and opinions with them and finds the Stammtisch an excellent platform to do so. He loves skiing, biking and sailing.

Webmaster: Roger Brooks

Roger came to the Canton of Zug from the U.S. in 1992 with his wife, Margareta, who is from Bern.  He adopted Swiss citizenship at the earliest opportunity and joined the IMCZ in 2007.  He previously served on the IMCZ board in 2010.  After working for many years in electronics engineering, Roger spent most of his career  in Switzerland working in IT.  He has worked for companies of all sizes from (ill-fated) startups to giants like his last employer, HP. He is now retired, and keeps mentally fit by teaching a few classes and singing in a chorus.  Although he is no "digital native", he has worked (and played) with computers since the punched-card era .  In his spare time, he also enjoys nordic walking, music, photography, reading, travel and, of course, the lively conversation at the IMCZ Stammtisch!

International Men's Club of Zug (IMCZ)

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