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International Men's Club of Zug

Newsletters 2018

  • December 2018-Januar 2019 In this Newsletter the long-time editor Muthana Kubba has announced that his post will be taken over by the co-editor Alan Cattell. Please join me in wishing him success and lots of fun. The last Newsletter of the year is packed with interesting articles and news. Both the AGM and Burns night dinner are announced in it and we look forward to good participation in both. Remo's Health article this time covers sweeteners and their effects, which are not always well understood. Alan covers in a comprehensive article in the Science and Technology section, the pros and cons of the Scientific Method and why Science does get things wrong sometimes. Our world trotter Roger covers the ex-British colony Hong Kong. There are lots of jewels there which the casual traveller may miss. Joe is very excited about the Ski Weekend in Engelberg, planned for the 2-3 February. It is our hope that many would participate and join us on the beautiful pistes of Engelberg.  To brighten your day the Humour section packed with crack jokes is guaranteed to make you laugh.
  • October-November 2018  This Newsletter starts with a call from the President to all Club members to focus on the Club's constitution, and consider the changes a committee had proposed. The amendments will be presented on voted upon at the next AGM in February 2019. A bit too early you might say, but with the bi-monthly rhythm of the Newsletter, it is just about right. Take a look at the bios and backgrounds of the six new members who have joined the club in the last two month. It makes interesting reading and illustrates how cosmopolitan our club is. The width of the spectrum of the backgounds, countries, cultures and experience they bring with is stunning. Tasmania, Shanghai, France, Germany, Canada and Italy. From theoretical physics to Lean Six Sigma experts. The events organised by the club in the past two months, take a lot of space and make interesting reading. A round table discussion on investment, a very successful barbecue with a complete 7-minute film which projects the atmosphere  and feel of the occasion. Remo talks this time on Country of Origen Labelling, Muthana in the Science and Technology section talks yet again about global warming, but this time with concrete and practical ways how to mitigate it. Roger B., covers the various and competing instant messaging platforms.  Joe wants us to warm up for the next skiing season, he is organising a presentaiton later on this month on the subject. Christian in the Business and Finance section compares stocks with bonds. Native speakers, be prepared for a good laugh when reading the Humour section
  • August-September 2018  You will notice the new, more inviting format of the Future Events column, thanks to a suggestion by our President, Bill. Since the last Newsletter, seven new members have joined and their names, photos and short description of their life and backgrounds, make interesting reading. Remo's health article this time is on the hazards of food packaging. An eye opener for many, including myself.  In the science and technology section, our new member Anthony touches on a controversial topic, water memory; it will certainly raise a few eye brows and hot discussion. Muthana talks about a new method and technology for pinpointing addresses anywhere on the planet. In the Travel and Leisure section, Nico describes his stay at the new Bürgenstock complex near Lucerne. Our co-editor Alan who loves sailing talks about sailing in the Canary Islands, where he will be until the end of August. Also our Webmaster, Roger, continues his travel experiences and talks this time about Taiwan. Joseph's article in the Sports section is not on skiing this time but on walking up the famous Grosser Mythen mountain, a very interesting experience which he kindly shares with us. Last but not least is the Humour section with its crack jokes to lighten up your day.  Enjoy the plentiful sunshine, tank up for the winter and stay safe!
  • June-July 2018 Although spring had long come and summer is about to start soon, the Editorial is about Springtime, a relic or consequence of publishing the Newsletter every second month.  Never mind, spring is always welcome and deserves  a mention in the Newsletter.  The Past Events calendar is full, reflecting the active work of our Events organiser, Enrico.  In April we had a very interesting and thought-provoking presentation by Mr. Cristian Violatti  on the fall of civilizations throughout history. Of course one mustn’t fall into the trap of thinking that ours is  immune, it may happen before we even realise it. The Spring NMR (New Members Reception) was a great success. Thanks  to Enrico again, the Gala Concert at the KKL, Lucerne was another highlight in May. Remo’s contribution this month  is about the effects of high protein nutrition and its toxic effects.  For a change the Science & Technology  article is by Danilo this time, it deals with an often visited subject, namely electric power. Under a new section  of History & Civilizations,  Cristian Violatti wrote a whole article about the subject of his presentation :  The  Fall of Civilizations. Roger Brooks our ex-President and Webmaster, continued his interesting series of articles on  his travels, this time on Vietnam.  Sean tells us in his interesting article about the prospects of a direct rail link from Beijing to Vienna. The Sports article by Joseph covers hiking in Switzerland. A good alternative to skiing  in the summer. Christian investment commentary gives a good overview of prospects, chances and pitfalls for  investment.  Last but not least, the Humour section with its crack jokes crowns this bumper issue.
  • April-May 2018  To start with our new President Bill Lichtensteiger covers interesting aspects of the club in his Editorial. Thereafter, the biographies of six new members make interesting reading and illustrates the diversity of backgounds, experience origin and age-groups of the newcomers. There is a full coverage of the AGM held on February 8. Thereafter the two events that took place in the last two months were covered : Investment Opportunities by and expert from Credit Suisse and the ExpatExpo where the Club had a well visited stand. Remo's health article covers the issue of Insulin and Fat. Muthana talks about Space Exploration in his Science and Technology article. Three different adventures are covered uder Travel and Leisure: Roger talks about his last holiday in Southeast Asia- Wolfgang Lierke talks about a little know paradise in South India where spend his last holiday with his wife Regina. Nico talks about New York City where he has family there and is a frequent visitor. The Sports' article by Joe has many useful tips on equipment needed for good skiing. Last but nor least is the Bowling or rather 'Kegeln' report by Roger Dixon, which alas will be the last one in this Newsletter. As always the Humour section is full of crack jokes to make you laugh.
  • February-March 2018 The triple astronomical event in January is the talk of town: A blue Moon, a super moon and a total moon eclipse all in one month. Not enough, the flood of news and views on crypto currencies, bitcoin in particular has found its way to our Newsletter as well. IMCZ member Dr. Rainer Riek has contributed a comprehensive article on them with all their legal implications. Our steadfast health contributor, Remo Jutzeler deals this time with Sports Nutrition for kids. Quite useful for fathers with growing kids. Muthana's Science and Technology article this month is on energy storage using new Vanadium flow batteries. They may bring about a final blow to conventional fossil fuel based electric power generation. Our Sicily-born member, Nico lo Cascio, tells us about his home island and its beauty under Travel & Leisure.  In view of the huge tax reforms in the US, our regular Business & Finance contributor Christian Wagner, discusses the implications for markets and futures . Also IMCZ member Peter Widdup is organising a Club Skiing Race day in Andermatt on March 16. In his Sports article Joseph Dow takes us on a ski day in Brunni, Engelberg . Due to the season's holidays no bowling report this month. The Humour section is once more full of crack jokes you will find difficult not to laugh at. The Annual General Meeting will take place on February 9, and all members are reminded to attend and help run the club to meet their wishes and needs.
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