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International Men's Club of Zug

Newsletters 2016

  • December 2016: This issue starts with a Presidential Dispatch, in which on the occasion of the upcoming festivities, our President addresses all present and past members, with special thanks to all those members who have given and contributed so much during the year. The Newsletter is another bumper 20-page issue covering a variety of topics. On the health front, Remo talks about Sodium Chloride or table-salt intake. Hurrah, I love adding salt to my food, everyone tells me it is bad for my blood pressure, except Remo. The Science and Technology article the editor Muthana Kubba addresses how emission requirements as stipulated by the latest Paris agreement, can be implemented. The proposed solution is a surprise, but might work. The final article on the Brexit issue, was contributor by an expert who worked for many years at the heart of the EU in Brussels, Mr. Sean O'Sullivan. Our President took part in a very interesting organised trip to the new Gotthard Base Tunnel. He wrote the next article on this true marvel of engineering. At 57 km, it is the longest railway tunnel in the world. After an absence of four years, the Business and Finance Section being resurrected thanks to IMCZ member Christian Wagner. Last but not least is the Sports' Section, where Joseph talks this time about special shoe-wear for the mountains.
  • November 2016We got somewhat used to the fact fakes are made. Rolex watches or  Yve Saint Laurent products can be faked,but simple, ordinary eggs?? Yes you will be surprised. Remo talks in his health article about how eggs are faked although he doesn't tell us who or why. Skiing steals the show in this issue. The Editorial, Events and the Sports article are all devoted to the coming skiing season.
    This issue is a bumper 20-page one. with so many Brits in the club, a lot of the space is take on the never ending issue of pros and cons of the Brexit.  Ian continues with the saga of starting a catering business in Switzerland, and Erik who comes from Belgium tells all about Belgian beer. Many of us were not even aware that Belgium is a beer drinking country, all along we were under the impression that this honour belongs to Bavaria. Last but not least, our President tells us about a fascinating train trip on the Gottardino train across the Alps.
    Good news for the Bowling fans, with a bit of luck and some support from you,  Stephen may start the fun again. The last Bowling session this year is announced.
  • October 2016: Another bumper issue filled with interesting articles on topical matters. The Editorial together with a major article in Current Affairs by David Kauders are on on a burning issue, namely Brexit.  We always learn something new on health issues from Remo. This time he talks about complex carbohydrates and why are they no better than sugars.  Muthana has been extravagant this month with two articles. One on Global Warming and why it should be tackled from a new angle and the other about a recent visit he made to Barcelona.  Our new board member Erik contributed an article on Belgian Beer Culture, in which he notes that "Beer is Belgium and Belgium is Beer"! which says it all. Finally our Sports' Editor Joe is getting ready for the Ski presentation later this month and for the ski season.
  • September 2016: This is another bumper 16-page issue with lots of interesting articles and reports on the major summer activities. The first major event during August was a visit to the Tesla dealership, store and service centre in Cham, on Saturday August 6th. The well attended event included free test drives of the Tesla S and X models. The club's second major annual event, the summer barbecue, took place at the conveniently located and picturesque Siehbachsaal in Zug. Its theme this year was Germany. Except for one shower, the weather was beautiful and all had a great time. A few days later the Jazz Festival took place in Zug. Although not an IMCZ event, the main organiser is an IMCZ member and many members enjoyed the ambiance and music. Towards the end of the month, on Sunday, the 28th, a very enjoyable and well attended hike took place along the gorge of the Engelberger Aa. All these events are fully covered with lots of photos. Turning to the more serious sections, Remo Jutzeler’s health article covers salt and rehydration in sports, an interesting issue, which many of us do not fully understand. Vice President and Newsletter Editor Muthana Kubba's article on Science and Technology knocks on closed doors and tries to establish whether life and humanity exist anywhere else in universe. On current issues, Co-Editor Roger Dixon presents the second part of his article on the controversial issue of the UK leaving the European Union, the so-called Brexit. Ian Stansfield tells us how to go about starting a business in Switzerland. Under Travel and Leisure, President Roger Brooks recounts his experience with a new sport, stand-up paddling. Joe Dow in the Sports section talks about hiking on the Brienzer Rothorn. The Humour section starts with a US Dollar note which has Queen Elizabeth II photo on it. Read on and have a good laugh.
  • August 2016: Once more it is packed with interesting articles and hilarious jokes. The Health section covers the so called Energy drinks and their significance. The Science and Technology section covers the talk of town "Virtual Reality" and some of the ramifications it will bring with it. Under Travel Leisure, our President concludes the interesting series of articles covering his trip to the Canaries. A new section was added this month, "Current Affairs", in which our co-editor covers the very controversial subject of Brexit.  Last but not least, our Sports' editor gives advance notice of a planned presentation in October covering all aspects of skiing.  As usual the popular Humour section is packed with original and funny jokes.
  • July 2016: Last month has been a troubled one, not only on the weather front, at least this is what the Editorial claims. Both the special Stammtisch on Whiskey and the Lorzenweg hikes are covered with many photos. Remo's health article tells us how cancer cells may be starved out by proper diet. The Hyperion as a smart city is covered in the Science and Technology section. Roger covers the last leg of his Canaries cruise with fascinating photos and description. Stephen has completed 100 sessions on the bowling lanes, and reports on the last session at the White Line Bowling Centre in Meierskappel. The Humour section this month is particularly entertaining.
  • June 2016:  At 20 pages this must be the thickest issue on record. You can imagine the variety of features and articles it covers. On the front page our President has written a "Presidential Dispatch" on the Club''s board, members and activities. Two main events are covered:  the Spring New Members' Reception and the excursion to Seleger Moor. Remo covers an interesting topic this month in his Health article, 'how much is too much?' The Science and Technology section has two main articles, the first on 'Encryption Wars' and the second on hacking and data theft. Roger continues with his interesting travel experiences. In this issue he takes us to 'Santa Cruz La Palma island in the Canaries. Joe surprised us in the Sports' section. He found too much snow on the slopes and started digging on Climate Warming. Stephen covers the last but one bowling session. The next one on June 15th would be his 100th and the last in the series. Don't miss the Humour section, it has some very funny and original jokes.
  • May 2016: A 16-page issue featuring reports on our Meet & Greet with the ZIWC as well as two Special Stammtisch presentations, "How nutrients may influence your visual performance", "AI, a Curse or a Blessing?", Part 3 of Cruising the Canaries, a wrapup of the 2015-2016 ski season and our usual regular sections on new members, future events, bowling and humour.
  • April 2016: Another 16-page issue thanks to many contributions and several activities. Under Events, we report on Prof. Erdmann's lecture on the impact of alternative energies, the Ski Outing in Egelberg, IMCZ stand at the ExpatExpo and the coming ZIWC spring book sale. The most common christian names of the club, are discussed and shown in an extre column. The Health section is on muscle build up, both by exercise and dietary proteins. The Science and Techology's is on Fusion and when will we be able to imitate the sun and produce unlimited amounts of energy.  Under Travel and Leisure, Part II of Cruising the Canaries is presented, the theme being Madeira. Our Sports' editor new tips for skiing in Switzerland. Our regular sections, From the Lanes and Humour are as ever interesting and funny.
  • March 2016: This is a bumper 16-page springtime issue. The special Stammtisch presentation was on Nutrition made by an expert, Ms Rosemarie Wagner. Two diametrically different events are fully covered: A hike on the nearby Zugerberg and a Carioca Carnival Party organised by our sister club the ZIWC, but was open for our members as well. Two comprehensive health articles cover Cholesterol and Pain. Yes Pain and how we perceive it, are quite fascinating and new to most of us. The Science and Technology article this month is on Li-Fi, as opposed to the ubiquitous Wi-Fi. Li-Fi stands for Light-Fi. An alternative way to connect to the Internet via light at 20 times the speed of the present wireless connection. We join our president and his wife on the first leg of their cruise of the Canaries in the Travel and Leisure section. Our skiing expert Joseph introduces ten new less frequented but highly interesting ski resorts. Our tireless master of the Lanes Stephen tells us about a Great Bowling Evening with the newcomers hitting top scores. Last but not least, the Humour section with many, specially chosen crack jokes for men.
  • February 2016: First Newsletter after the AGM and the new board. The Presidential Dispatch by our new president says it all. Take a look and get to know your new board. The Future Events column on the first page lists all the special coming events up to the Barbecue in August.  Read all about the AGM and the annual awards to members who have distinguished themselves in the service of the Club, including two new Honorary Members. The Burns' NIthe Supper takes all of a full page with romantic description by an enterprising member of the Club. Our steadfast contributor on health issues, Remo, talks about, among others, foot cramps. OUr new presdient reminds us of Aldous Huxely's epic, "Brave New World", which looms upon us thanks to new milestones in Genetic Engineering. Our other steadfast contributor, Joseph, introduces us to a new skiing corner on Switzerland. Finally Stephen covers the 2016 Bowling Challenge between ZIWC and us. There were no surprises, we won it. Last but not least is the popular Humour section, packed with new funny jokes.      
  • January 2016: Both the Editorial and the main Science and Technology article were devoted to the burning issue of Climate Change. Of course, the annual recurring events in January: The Annual General Meeting and the Burns' Night Dinner are main themes, Thursday January 21 for the AGM, and Saturday January 23 for Mr. Burns. On the Health front Remo tells us about Personalized Micronutrient Supplementation, This month we have introduced a new section, "Current Affairs", in which another enterprising IMCZ member Dr. Rainer Riek, tells  us about 'KESB' : Adult Protection  Laws. Our Sports' Editor recommends using Short Skis. Finally the Bowling and Humour sections round up the first Newsletter of the year.     
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