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International Men's Club of Zug

Newsletters 2017

  • December 2017-January 2018 The last issue of this year has just been uploaded. It covers an interesting collection of articles, essay and news. Reports on the activities include a visit and presentation of Toastmasters International in Zug, visit to REGA and the autumn New Members' Reception. Remo's health article is about nutrition and the right balance between fats and carbohydrates. Muthana delves once more on Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain. Roger continues to report on his travels, and covers Sydney in Australia. Helena from our sister club the ZIWC, write on the Art Museum in Zug which is worth a visit every time. It is Ski time and Joseph covers an area under rapid development, Andermatt and Sedrun. A ski trip there is being organised by the club. Last but not least, Roger D, reports on the two 9-pin bowling evenings organised by him. The Humour section crowns it all with a good laugh.

  • October-November 2017 The October/November issue of our Newsletter is out. Again it is a 16-page issue with interesting articles and essays covering a wide range of issues and topics. Interesting to many are the introductions to eight new members, six nationalities and from different walks of life, from Blockchain expert to medical doctor. Remo's health section covers an unusual topic, “Bovine Colostrum” also called “Beestings” or first milk of cows’ right after giving birth to a calf, which for the first 24 to 48 hours has very specific and unusual constituents. Muthana's Science and Technology article is a follow up on solar energy and its generation, with the good news that next year the first stage of a huge project will go online. The Travel and Leisure section covers two journeys, both by our President Roger Brooks. The first one, covers the next leg of his fascinating journey to Downunder,  the second covers a club day-excursion to Rütli and Seelisberg. Our Sports’ editor Joe, wants us to gear up for the coming ski season with lots of good advice on skis and their accessories. Last but not least are the Bowling reports and the Humour section.

  • August-September 2017The August/September Newsletter has just been published.  Again it is bumper 20-page issue covering various topics, mostly on current events.  You are invited to take a look, and I am certain you will find at least one article of interest.
    The Health article by Remo should interest most of us who have crossed the magic border of 65, as it covers protein intake for the elderly.  In view of the recent inferno in London, Muthana covers Fire hazards in high rise buildings. Fire is rare, but when it hits, it can be very devastating. The London fire had cost at least 80 people their lives. We follow up on Brexit one year on, written by two expert Brits, one of them had worked for many years in Brussels. The long article delves in depth on the issue with probable implications, which can affect the livelihood of many. Helena from our sister Club introduces the Zug Archaeological society. Yes how many of us living in Zug know that such a society exists? Our President Roger, continues his series of articles on his visit down-under. This time he covers with plenty of photos, the delights of the sparsely populated South Island. On the Bussines and Finance front, there are two articles, one on Bitcoins by our new member Thomas and one on investment by our financial editor Christian. There are of course the regular columns on Bowling and the usual Humour section with its entertaining jokes.

  • June-July 2017  Now that the Newsletter is published bi-monthly, it contains a wider selection of articles. This time is no exception, with a nice bouguet of diverse articles and news. TheEditorial starts with the motto "An active club is a healthy club". Pages 2 & 3 cover various functions and activities of the Club with several photos, including the Fisch and Chips restaurant in Schwyz opened and run by a very enterprising IMCZ member.Remo's health article is on Fungi in food and how to fight them, Muthana stuns with a fascinating article on the human brain. The latest enrty into the long list of top-notch scientist trying to understand it is none other than Elon MuskChristian presents an abridged dictionary for investors. At least we know now what hedge Funds actually do. Roger Brooks is taking us with him on a tour of the north island in New Zealand. Joseph winds up the long skiing season with a last ski in Engelberg. Last but not least Roger Dixon reports on the Kegeln sessions of the Club for the past two months. The Humour section has the usual complement of crack jokes to lighten us up whenever the weather gets too heavy.

  • April-May 2017 Yes two months have passed since the last Newsletter was published. This is the first Newsletter to appear after the new ruling had made it bi-monthly instead of monthly. The change was necessary due to rising costs. However, it has given longer breathing space for the editors and contributors and the issue has come out with a strikingly a good collection of articles covering a wide spectrum.
    The importance of digitalisation, even well established companies, was illustrated by IMCZ member Detlef Jungfleisch in an interesting presentation, a synopsis of which is included. Remo's health article is on Selenium, an essential nutrient for human health, and its global cycle. Muthana in his article under Science and Technology section, talks about his next dream car. Sure it is an electric one, however, there are several ifs and buts. Under Current Affairs, IMCZ new member Thomas Schubert talks about Amazon and its amazing rise to a major global player. Our President Roger Brooks, had just come back from a long trip to down-under. On both directions, he stopped with his wife in Singapore and met up with a still active and previous board member, Adrian Lüdi. He wrote a comprehensive article with lots of striking photos on this enterprising tiny island. Joe talks on the wonderful ski outing in Andermatt. The Kegeln report  prepared by our co-editor Roger Dixon covers two sessions one for each month. Last but not least is the fascinating world of business and finance. Christian gives a balanced view on the economy, bond and equity markets and currencies, with plenty of food for thought. As usual the humour section is packed with good and funny jokes.

  • February-March 2017 The AGM of the Club in its the 38th years of existence was the theme of the Editorial. We hope that the Club will continue to serve members for many more years. There is a full and comprehensive report on Burns Night dinner with photos of the haggis and the bag piper. Remo covers the issue of iron deficiency's effect on malaria in his health contribution. In his Science and Technology article, Muthana covers ten sweeping technological innovations in 2016, one of which being that Artificial Intelligence was shown to be able to even write a novel and get a literary prize for it.  The issue of cross country pensions especially between the UK and Switzerland was the subject of an interesting presentation at a Special Stammtisch. Sam gave a comprehensive summary of it in his contribution. Under Travel and Leisure, our President Roger reports on a trip to the ski resort of Andermatt, which is the destination of the Club ski excursion later on this month. It is also the topic presented by our Sports Editor Joseph in his contribution under Sports. Stephen has withdrawn from bowling due to a sudden price hike. Until the issue is resolved Kegeln (9-pin bowling) shall replace (10-pin) bowling. As usual the Humour section has a good selection of jokes to raise your spirits with a good laugh.

  • January 2017 The first issue of the year is slightly thinner due to the holiday season, however, it still has many interesting features.  In his Presidential Dispach, our President reviews events during last year with both its good and bad news. Even if we are not aware of it, the list of good news far outweighs that of the bad news, and he advocates to be optimistic about the future. Remo's health article covers the effects of diet drinks on weight loss. Muthana's Science and Technology article is on Facial Recogniiton system, how they work and how good they are at present. Christian's contribution under Bussiness & Finance is on Investment oportunities in the coming year. In Joe's Sports' article, all the major skiing resorts are visited, with very useful tips for both beginners and top skiers. Stephen covers the last bowling game of last year with the good news that Bowling will continue during 2017.  Last but not least, there is an interesting Letter to the Editor commenting on last month's Science and Technology article and the popular Humour section with a selection of good and funny crack jokes.... where does the editor find them all??

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