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Newsletters 2019

  • August-September 2019: There’s a lot In this edition of the newsletter.  On page 3 there is information on the 40th Anniversary BBQ, this year with a Brazilian theme.  Register soon!
    There are articles on genetically modified foods (Remo), Artificial Intelligence (Muthana), Costa Rica (Roger), Building Snowboards (Bill), Surfskates (Joe), Financial Forecasting (from new member Alasdair) and last, but not least, the Debt Mountain (Christian).  All this in addition to the normal standard content.  My thanks to all contributors for their excellent work.

    I wish you all an enjoyable read.  As always, feedback and contribution offers are welcome.
  • June-July 2019:  Arriving somewhat later than planned, this newsletter has articles on eco-friendly plastic developments (Remo), gravity wave detection (myself), cruising in Panama (Roger), a retrospective on the Ski season (Joseph) and an article on asset management dissatisfaction (Christian). 
    There are also reports on the various events held: the New Members Reception, Freiruum special Stammtisch and the Round Table Talk on Golf.  
    As always, my thanks to the contributors for their support and to Ron for his graphic design expertise. 
    And finally – feedback and / or contributions are always welcome.
  • April-May 2019::  This newsletter has articles on health (Remo), sports (Joseph), technology (Muthana), travel (Roger) and finance (Christian).  There are also summaries of the previous events; the Burns Supper, AGM, Ski Day and Nadja Lang’sworkshop.  Our thanks to all the contributors and participants and, of course, to both the City Gardens and Park Hotels who provided the meeting space for all our events – much appreciated.  There is also some information on some planned events.  In particular, a VIP trip to Milan is being organised by Enrico – please have a look at this and register for it now.  There is limited space so book early. Enjoy the newsletter, and please feel free to give me feedback on what you like and don’t like and what you would like to see in addition to our normal fare.
  • February-March 2019:  This newsletter, the first edited by Alan, has articles on health, sports, technology and summaries of previous events hosted by Jeremy and Harry. In the health section, there is a discussion of potential harmful environmental effects of some artificial sweeteners from our regular contributor Remo and there is an article on the pros and cons of vaccination by Alan.  In the technology section there is a “vision of the future", compiled by Muthana which makes fascinating reading.  Then we have the Modern Buildings article by Jeremy, based on his professional experience and his round-table discussion.  There is also an article by another regular contributor, Joe, on the ski equipment firm Heierling and then, the business / finance article by another regular, Christian.  Finally there are the usual humour and titbits sections.  Thanks to all contributors for their excellent work.

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