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International Men's Club of Zug

Newsletters 2014

  • December 2014: Christmas Time, Introducing New Members, The Annual General Meeing AGM, The Nominees for the 2015 Board, Burns' Night Dinner, Reducing Weight, Memristive Devises, Visiting Pompei, Zermatt Ski Test, Bowling, Language Trees and Humour
  • November 2014: Beautiful autumn, The NMR: Raclette at the Bären Restaurant. Visit to the Drinking Water Plant in Zug. Broccoli and radish-our vegetables' gene pool. Solar Energy revisited. Impressions of a rail journey to Southern Italy. Dreams come true. Practical Skis for Deep Snow. Laughs and Engoyment at the Bowling event. A thought provoking email, Selections and Humour
  • October 2014: The summer that never was, Report on the visit to Pilatus Aircraft Works in Stans, Report on the musical "The Sound of Music", Magnetic DNA Tagging, No Crankshaft Internal Combustion Engines, Phishing and how to avoid it, How to plan a holiday, Get ready to Ski, Bowling 80th birthday, What to do on retirement plus an interesting collection of topics under Selections, Last but not least the Humour section.
  • September 2014: Letter to the Editor, Report and photos on the annual barbecue party, ZIWC Books Sale on October 1st, Biodegradeable Food Packaging, Pros and Cons of Electric Cars, A night at the Bürgenstock, 'On' Cloudrunner, Innovation and Beer under Selections, plus Humour and report on the month's Bowling
  • August 2014: The Love Machine, Coming visit to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke, ZIWC Book Sale, Invitation to the Annual BBQ, Safety of Energy Drinks, Memristors, the Fourth Element comes of Age, Essay: Just Run!, Hiking on Les Pléiades & Mont Pèlerin, Useful Apps under Selections
  • July 2014: Summer Days,  Acrylamide How to avoid consuming it, Greeing the Deserts Pipedreams or reality? Tango in Buenos Aires, Last leg of crusing Cape Horn, Patrouille Suisse over Zuger skies, Selections and Humour
  • June 2014, An Interesting Bunch, Dietary Proteins and muscle maintenance, The Speed of Time, The Story of Coffee, Cruising Cape Horn Part IV, Warm but Snowy, Close Bowling, Selections: Health, The English Language and Communication
  • May 2014: Service Publique, Pier 41, Eating behaviour lifestyle and health, Thorium nuclear reactors, Cruising Cape Horn Part III, Skiing at Ponresina: Diavolezza Lagalb, Selections: On Knives and the world's greatest living explorers
  • April 2014: Springtime, New Members Reception, Spring Book Sale, Radioactivity in Drinking Water, Flow Batteries for Bulk Storage, Cruising Cape Horn Part II, Return to St. Moritz, Changing the World under Selections.
  • March 2014: Our President on Reaching out to Members, Durchmesserlinie, the biggest civil engineering project in Switzerland, Vitamin Reference Values, Super Computers, Cruising Cape Horn Part I, Zermatt Ultimate Ski Resoort in Switzerland
  • February 2014: Photos and speeches of the Burns' Supper, Natural vs Artificial Vitamins,  LED Carpets and Maglev trains, Skiing in Disentis
  • January 2014: AGM & Berns' night, Heachache from Wine, Gaia the super space telescope, The new economic cycle, Skiing on Stoos and Splügen-Tambo
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