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International Men's Club of Zug

Newsletters 2015

  • December 2015: Editorial on Climate Change, Two New Members. Trip to the Swiss Grand Canyon, A night at the Bürgenstock, NMR: New Members' Reception, The new board members for 2016, Beware of skewed interpretation of science in foodstuffs, Virtual Machines, Trip to Spectacular Argentina, Letters to the Editor, Maintaining High Level Skiing, Bowling and a well stocked popular Humour section
  • November 2015: No sharks in the river Reuss is the title of an interesting excursion in our immediate neighbourhood. Report on a full two years research project on Expats living in Zug, Interesting article by Remo on Protein regulatory loopholes, On the finance world front beware of investment advice given by banks. Science and Technology this month covers the unbelievable Golden Ratio, why the number 1.618 is so special. Our co-editor goes cycling in the US with his wife, find out more. With the coming skiing season, our Sports' editor Joe, tell us all about helmets, and why they are absolutely neccessry. All this plus the usual columns, including a full page on Humour.
  • October 2015: Four full pages with photos on the Milan Expo 2015. The Rheinuferweg excursion, Petra Wülfroth talking on the intricacies of the German language, not to mention the treacherous verbal similarities with English and the totally different word order. There is also a reminder to the Swiss nationals of the Club that there are important elections this month. The rare celestial event of a supermoon eclipse with clear skies which took place on the night of 27-28 of September is the subject of another article, with even a YouTube link for those who didn't see it. The Health section includes yet again two full articles on Palm Oil Sustainability and the Lymphatic System of the Brain. Our Sports' editor reminds us to get ready to ski. Last but not least we have the regular columns on Bowling and a full page of the popular Humour column.
  • September 2015: Welcoming five new members, full report on the annual Barbecue with lots of photos, and a full report on the club excurison to the Tamina gorge, with a video and slide show. Pool may become a regular monthly event, slowly replacing bowling which would run out next summer. Two bumper articles on health, one discusses magic drinks to help bikers win the Tour de France and the other tells us all about Cortisone and Cortisol. For music lovers there an article on the the KKL in Lucerne, "Music in my Ears" discusses its excellent acoustics. Under Sports, we have a new contributor explaining a novice sport, 'Snow Kiting'. Last but not least, we have the regular columns, From the Lanes and the popular Humour, with the usual compliment of crack jokes.
  • August 2015: Our AnnualBarbecue, The Tamina Gorge, High Beer Consumption, An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, Information Theory, Cruising the Caribbean Part 5, NFL Football, From the Lanes, and Humour
  • July 2015: The heat wave, Muscle Build up, Raspberry Pi Computers, Cruising the Carebbean Part 3, The Rise of the ebike, From the Lanes and Humour.
  • June 2015: Read about different types of body fats and how to control them, Dark Matter and Dark energy do they exist?, Join Roger on the 3rd leg of his cruise of the Caribbean, our sports' editor wraps up the skiing season with lots of useful hints and captivating photos. The popular Humour section is packed with thoughtful and sometimes very funny jokes. There is also a new Puzzle to tax your powers of imagination.
  • May 2015: Find out why you should drink green teas instead of coffee, and why does it boost metabolic efficiency and endurance. Find out why 3D vision has not caught on yet in spite of the fact that the first 3D films were made more than 60 years ago.  We move next to cruising the Caribbean on board the Royal Princess. Joseph Dow in his regular column tells us why we should use short instead of long skis. Then we have of course the bowling news with their Spares. Strikes and handicaps.  Finally we have your popular Humour sections with its cracking and very funny jokes and yet another Puzzle to keep the grey cells busy. If you want to find out how to Google correctly then you must read the last but not least section, "Selections".
  • April 2015: Springtime, ZIWC Book Sale, ExpatExpo, Doping in dietary supplements, Weather Forecasting, Mind-Controlled Gadgets, Americana Music, Cruising the Caribbean Part 1, King of the Hill Skis, Wine Monopoly at the White Line Bowling and of course your favourite column Humour with its sometimes very original jokes. Last but not least a fascinating collection of websites under Selections
  • March 2015: History of our Stammtisch, Edible Insects? The Social Impact of the Smart Phones, Travelling in South Florida, Biscayn Bay & Coconut Grove, Skiing in Brigels, Survelva, Good Scores at White Line Bowling and your favourite column, Humour.
  • February 2015: The President's annual report at the AGM, Read all about the Burns'Night supper, Body Fat Reduction,  The End of Humanity, Greater Miami, or Life is a Beach (Part I), Skiing in Airolo, Disco Bowling Night, Humour and Words of Wisdom
  • January 2015: AGM and Burns' Night Dinner, Health benefits of Protein, The Turing Test, Ski Factory in Wallis, From the Lanes, and Humour
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