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Festival of Nations

  • 2023-09-02
  • 11:00
  • 2023-09-03
  • 00:30
  • Rössliwiese, 6300 Zug

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Fête de la bière namuroise: a beer festival in Anseremme

Fest der Nationen, 2nd September – The Festival of Nations is organised by the FMZ City of Zug, as a celebration of cultural diversity in our community.

The Festival of Nations, is an annual non-profit event aimed at celebrating diversity, fostering understanding, and promoting cultural exchange, put on by the Canton of Zug Centre for Migration. It is a truly multi-cultural event that draws thousands of visitors and exhibitors from different nations, cultures, and walks of life to learn, appreciate, and celebrate each other's unique heritage, and contribution to the enrichment of the community of Zug.

Both ZIWC and IMCZ plan to have adjacent stands at this event. IMCZ is planning to provide a beer and soft drinks oasis. IMCZ’s ‘Chief Beverage Officer’: Timo Pitkänen has generously agreed to manage our stand at the event. Our stand will be open from 12PM to 12AM. Anyone interested in helping with the bar should make himself known. André Kudelski, Jens Kordetzky, Richard Beswick and Cledan Mandri, Nikola Gjorgon, Tobias Volker and others have already volunteered. Please join them. We're hiring! The revenue earned will accrue to IMCZ, which is surely a good cause. We are soliciting the help of local breweries with the set up of our bar and already have some offers of support.

More details of the event can be found at:

We are situated right in the middle of the event next to the second stage where there will be constant entertainment.