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This is a calendar showing both club events and others which we think may interest our members.

Events Calendar

    • 2019-06-19
    • 2020-04-26
    • Museum Burg Zug
    Switzerland continued to build out its defenses after the end of World War II, especially its anti-aircraft batteries. The Museum Burg Zug will open a special exhibition commemorating the Swiss response to the Cold War starting on June 16th.
    Lectures will be given during the exhibition. 
    • On Tuesday, October 15th, historian Titus Meier will talk about the resistance group, P-26.
    • On Wednesday, November 13th, Sybille Marti will talk about the threat of nuclear war.
    • On January 14th, Silvia Berger Ziaudin will talk about the cultural history of the bunkers.

    Please see the Museum Burg Zug calendar for details.

    As a key element of this special exhibition, the museum would like to display a "Bloodhound" anti-aircraft battery in front of the museum, However, the museum needs financial support from the public to finance the transport and installation.  If you would like to help, please join the crowdfunding effort at  If you don't want to wait to see the Bloodhound, you can see it at its original emplacement on the Gubel near Menzingen.  Please contact the Military History Foundation of Zug for tours.

    • 2019-12-11
    • 20:00 - 21:45
    • Chollerhalle, Zug

    Enjoy more timeless swing and soul in the Chollerhalle on Wednesday, Dec. 11th.  Tickets are CHF 20.80.  Please see the Chollerhalle website for further information.

    • 2019-12-12
    • 18:00 - 20:30
    • Freiruum, Zählerweg 6, 6300 Zug
    The IMCZ is happy to invite you with family and friends to our:

    2019 Christmas party

    We will meet at the Freiruum in a seasonally decorated surrounding and taste the festive specialties offered at a Buffet prepared by professional cooks Martin and Ian, members of the club, and also by Stefan and Patrick operators of Kraftmarkt

    Members of our sister club, the Zug International Women's Club family and friends are also welcome.

    Price per person: CHF 25.00  (Drinks are NOT included) 

    Registration helps the staff: organizers, cooks and teammates to best prepare and host the event. For this reason registration is required. Please register as soon as possible at Xmas party“  The IMCZ „No Show“ Policy applies.

    Here are the specialties from the buffet:

    From Stefan and Patrick „Kraftmarkt“:


    Bündner Pizokel mit Chrut und Bergkäse

    Dumplings made with potatoes, greens, buckwheat flour and Swiss cheese


    Eintopf vom Bio Rind mit Randen, Gemüse und Kartoffeln.

    Stew with organic beef, beetroot, vegetables and potatoes


    From Ian „Balanced Choice“:


    Pie mit Waldspilze und Rosmarin.

    Mushroom and rosemary pie


    Pie mit Truthahn und Kranbeerenfüllung.

    Turkey pie with cranberry stuffing


    From Martin „Cucina e Pasta


    Penne mit Kürbis, Rosmarin und Amarettini.

    Penne with pumpkin, rosemary and amarettini


    Maronen Pasta mit Rehragout.

    Chestnut pasta with venison stew

    • 2019-12-15
    • 17:00
    • Lorzensaal, Cham

    The oboist Céline Moinet will perform two Bach Oboe Concerti with the Zuger Sinfonietta in the Lorzensaal on Sunday, December 15th. The program starts at 17:00 and also features works by Felix Mendelssohn and Francesco Geminiani.  Amn introduction to the program is offered starting at 16:00.  Please see the Zuger Sinfonietta website for details.

    • 2019-12-15
    • 18:30 - 19:30
    • Kapelle Heiligkreuz, Lichterweg Baar

    Each year, the community of Baar illuminates a 1.5 km long path along the hillside "Heiligchrüz" with over 2000 LEDs.  A sofa is provided at the edge of the woods for those who need to "take a load off".  ;-) The Baarer chorus Vocal Emotions will perform songs of the season at the Heiligkreuz chapel on the Lichterweg on Sunday, Dec. 15th, starting at 18:30.  Participation is free of charge and participants are invited to join in a toast to the holiday season afterwards.  Details can be found on the Vocal Emotions homepage and on the Lichterweg website.

    • 2019-12-19
    • 18:00 - 20:30
    • City Garden Hotel, Metallstrasse 20, Zug

    The Stammtisch is a great opportunity to get to know members better. Discover their interesting experiences, ideas and opinions!  We usually meet at the City Garden Hotel.  If the City Garden / CU Bar is unavailable, we usually meet at the Freiruum instead.

    • 2019-12-26
    • 18:00 - 20:30

    There will be NO Stammtisch

    Best wishes of Merry Christmas


    Happy New-Year.

    • 2020-01-09
    • 18:45 - 20:00
    • City Garden Hotel, Metallstrasse 20, Zug

    Artificial Intellegence -AI- applied to Linguistics.

    IMCZ is very pleased to announce this conference by By David and/or Jennifer.

    Fluence is a new start-up active in the development of apps based on AI.

    It's an amazing and highly interesting subject which is extending to all areas of our life.

    In the picture David and Jennifer co-founders of Fluence

    By the end of the next decade, humans are going to be working closely with intelligent software, whether they like it or not.

    With the onset of Artificial Intelligence, the role of humans in the workplace is being thrown into relief. What are we good at? What are computers better at? What jobs will be created? What jobs will be consigned to history books?

    David and Jennifer are the co-founders of Fluence, a deep-tech company that leverages forensic linguistics and artificial intelligence to automate complex business processes.

    They will share their journey of discovery in the Artificial Intelligence space. They will discuss some of the most interesting, and disturbing developments in their field, and share their views on how these discoveries are going to alter the way we live and work in the 2020s.

    For more info:

    • 2020-01-25
    • 18:30 - 23:59
    • Wirtschaft Brandenberg, Allmendstrasse 3, Zug

    This is the 25th year that the IMCZ is celebrating the birthday of Scotland’s National poet, Robert Burns.  It is a unique evening providing an opportunity to taste real Scottish atmosphere.  The party will be held this year at the Wirtschaft Brandenberg near the Stierenmarkt.  It is less than 200m from the S-Bahn station "Zug Schutzengel" and free parking is available across the street.

    The evening will feature traditional Scottish fare, including the rousing sound of bagpipes from our guest piper, extracts from the works of Robert Burns (one serious, the rest funny) from our line-up of international guest speakers, people dressed in kilts and liberal doses of Uisge'beah (whisky). The menu starts with the traditional "Cock a Leekie" (chicken) soup and the Scottish haggis, but a vegetarian menu and an another main dish are also available.

    The apero starts at 18:30 and the party will conclude with the traditional rendering of "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight.  For a whole evening of entertainment and a four-course dinner, with plenty of drams of the finest Scottish whisky, this evening is a “gie-away” for just CHF 75 for IMCZ or ZIWC members and their partners, CHF 85 for guests.

    We ask that the dress of the evening be in keeping with the traditions of the occasion so a kilt or something similar (or a jacket, tie, etc. if you don’t have one) or, as Burns was a man of international outlook, your own national costume (or elements of it).

    We need to have all participants registered by Saturday, 18 Jan. to plan the seating and give the restaurant ample notice.  If you plan to attend, please register as soon as possible!

    The IMCZ no-show policy applies for this event.

Past events

2019-12-07 A Hymn to the Virgin
2019-12-06 Big Band Zug
2019-12-05 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-12-01 Brahms Violin Concerto & Beethoven's 5th Symphony
2019-12-01 Christmas, Santa Claus Market with children attractions
2019-11-28 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-11-26 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-11-24 Chor Zug: "Don't Stop us Now"
2019-11-24 Chor Zug: "Don't Stop us Now"
2019-11-23 Chor Zug: "Don't Stop us Now"
2019-11-21 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-11-15 DuoCalva
2019-11-14 Autumn New Members Reception
2019-11-09 Young Soloists in Concert
2019-11-07 Stammtisch at the Freiruum
2019-11-06 Hiromi
2019-11-05 Iron wish, iron will, Ironwoman - Stadt Bibliothek Zug
2019-11-03 Lieder der Heimat
2019-10-31 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-10-29 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-10-24 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-10-19 Zuger Herbstmesse
2019-10-18 Star Wars – in Concert
2019-10-17 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-10-16 Bodies: The Dead are not Silent
2019-10-12 Brewfest Zug 2019
2019-10-10 Conference on Energy and Epigenetics
2019-10-03 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-10-03 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – in Concert
2019-09-28 Brad Mehldau Trio
2019-09-27 Vocal Emotions Concerts: "Goin' to the Movies"
2019-09-26 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-09-24 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-09-22 Zug Show Choir
2019-09-21 Hiking and Craft Beer Tasting
2019-09-19 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-09-18 Accordeon Festival Zug
2019-09-17 Returnship Conference for Employers
2019-09-14 Middle Ages Festival Zug
2019-09-12 Special Stammtisch - Alpine Vault, Gold Investments
2019-09-08 Oldtimer Sunday Morning Treffen
2019-09-07 Organic Food Market "O Sole Bio"
2019-09-06 Rock the Docks
2019-09-05 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-09-03 Business Networking Group - Start-up success story
2019-09-02 Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Forum for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
2019-09-01 Summer BBQ - 40th Anniversary Celebration!
2019-08-29 Jazz Night Zug
2019-08-29 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-08-28 Concert of the Big Band of the Lucerne Jazz School
2019-08-23 Federal Wrestling & Mountain Festival (ESAF)
2019-08-22 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-08-20 Einzug der künstlichen Intelligenz in die Rechtsbranche
2019-08-18 Brunch am See
2019-08-17 Beer & Wine Tasting
2019-08-17 Hamfest 2019
2019-08-16 Operetta at the Gewürzmühle
2019-08-15 Stammtisch at Freiruum
2019-08-13 Inline-Skating for Fun & Fitness
2019-08-09 Grand Opening of the Freiruum
2019-08-08 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-08-07 Keynote Jazz
2019-08-07 Kapelle Alp Nüsell
2019-08-07 Open House
2019-08-03 Oldtimer Sunday Morning Treffen
2019-08-02 World Food Festival
2019-08-01 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-08-01 Barrique Cup
2019-08-01 1st of August Celebration
2019-07-31 20th Annual Waldstock Open-Air Festival
2019-07-29 Zug Arena Construction Site Tours
2019-07-27 Zug Sports Festival
2019-07-20 Summer Night Festival
2019-07-20 Unicon Summer Convention
2019-07-19 Caribbean Nights Open-Air
2019-07-18 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-07-11 Round Table Talk - Swiss German seminar - continuation and development
2019-07-11 Stammtisch at City Garden Hotel
2019-07-04 Stammtisch at the Parkhotel
2019-06-27 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-06-23 Carmina Burana
2019-06-22 Carmina Burana
2019-06-22 Zuger Seefest
2019-06-18 Presentation of the 2019-2020 Season
2019-06-15 10th Anniversary Hiking Day, 15 June, 2019
2019-06-13 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-06-12 ZIWC BNG Meeting: How technology is transforming small businesses
2019-06-07 Zuger Springkonkurrenz
2019-06-06 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-06-06 Information Security in Healthcare Conference
2019-06-05 Keynote Jazz
2019-06-05 Zugerberg Classic Footrace & Big Band Concert
2019-06-05 Open House
2019-06-02 Antique & Classic Car Shows
2019-06-01 High School Musical - On Stage
2019-05-12 Zuger Sinfonietta Concert
2019-05-09 New Members' Reception
2019-05-02 Genuss Film Festival
2019-04-11 Round Table Talk - All about Golf
2019-04-08 SommerKlänge 2019
2019-04-04 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-04-03 Keynote Jazz
2019-03-28 Stammtisch
2019-03-28 Technology Forum Zug
2019-03-26 English Stand-Up Comedy
2019-03-24 Zuger Sinfonietta Concert
2019-03-24 Expat Expo
2019-03-23 Open Day at the Institut Montana Zugerberg
2019-03-21 Stammtisch at the City Garden Hotel
2019-03-18 Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Forum for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
2019-03-14 If you can dream it, you can make it!
2018-08-02 Stammtisch
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